It’s All About Presence

We’re told that in the old days you could sell just by standing on the corner yelling, “5-cent apples, come and get ‘em!” Everyone would come running. Business boomed.

Today, building a line of customers that stretches around the corner takes more than the lowest price, a decent website, and a smile.

Success directly depends on your presence. Can your potential customers find you when they search online? Will they remember you when it comes to do business?

We specialize in all phases of presence development. What are you trying to do?

Cool Website

Yes, we make “cool” websites. But not just so your sales team can show something flashy to clients. A website is a company’s home base, its heart and soul, its communications “fort.” It can be your first impression and your first sales pitch. We design with this importance in mind.

Leads & Sales

We think marketing and sales should work together — like peanut butter and jelly or gin and tonic. We generate leads by blending website optimization, emails, advertising, and social media. And we can help move leads through the pipeline quicker so they become paying customers.

Build a Brand

Developing an online presence is crucial. Everyone searches online, so if your brand isn’t visible, you’re losing. Social media is more than celebrities jabbering about meaningless garbage. We can show you how to develop content and utilize social sites to propel your business online.